January 28, 2018


Student Pay
$44.99 Initial Setup
Each Student signs up and pays for their own account at $3.99/month or $11.99/semester
Instructor gets 2 demonstration accounts
Single Class
$44.99/month or $164.99/semester
Forums page
Automated Marking
Email Support with a 1 business-day response time
1 Class at a time
Up to 45 Active Students
$134.99/Month or $495.99/Semester
Forums Page
Automated Marking
Email Support with an 8 business hour response time
3 Classes at a time.
Up to 135 Active Students
$270/Month or $993/Semester
Forums Page
Automated Marking
Email Support with an 8 Business-hour response time
6 Classes at a time.
Up to 270 Active Students
Forums Page
Automated Marking
Phone Support with an 4 Business-hour response time
20 Classes at a time.
Up to 1000 Active Students

What The Student Gets

  • A fully functional web space, the same as any other hosting provider
  • CPanel, the industry leading web control panel software
  • The instructor can configure the automatic install of html files or WordPress
  • FTP Access to upload/download files to/from the student webspace

* The student webspace operates as independent webspace which means the student can fully configure it with whatever is being taught in class. In the case of WordPress, for example, the students will be able to install plugins, update themes, build their own plugins or themes, or even install WordPress from scratch themselves.

What The instructor Gets

  • A central WordPress install which…
    • Allows the Students to signup for the class/webspace
    • Is fully configurable (plugins, themes, etc)
    • Can be used as a central forums, a communications area (Posts from the instructor), a document repository, a FAQ, and/or any other WP based functionality
    • Ability to have a “Tester” page can be setup to give testing access to the students. For example, if the class has labs every week, the student can check that their labs are coded as per the instructions
  • A Class configuration
  • A management area to configure what will be installed on the students webspace
  • A management area to track which students have signed up for which classes
  • A content testing configuration to allow setup of tests which can be used to automatically and quickly test if the students have done the required tasks on their webspace
  • A Marking admin area where the instructor can mark an entire class of students using one of the tests and export marks and feedback
  • An admin interface for the instructor to reset student passwords for cPanel as well as their WP install