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You might think, I teach Psychology/Art/English/etc, why would any of my students need to know WordPress? The web is a storehouse for a huge amount of user-accessible information. People who publish do it for a variety of reasons, but to get known as an expert in your field, and get the associated advantages from that, you need to put yourself out there and be heard. WordPress powers 30%+ of the websites, so, everyone should learn WordPress; let’s break it down.

WordPress has a massive collection of free themes and plugins

A theme will make WordPress look a certain way. A plugin will make it do more things. There are more than 55 thousand plugins to do anything from make your SEO better to adding forms to your site. It means a student can get a web site online faster, with more features, and a better appearance for less or almost no money. The faster that someone can get a quality site running, means the sooner they can start publishing what they do best – whatever that content is.


Because of the sheer size of the user base on WordPress, and the number of sites using it, there is no shortage of support and learning. Problems are easily solved because chances are, someone has had that issue before. There is learning from formal college courses down to online tutorials. It makes taking a website to a higher level, quicker, and easier.

Once you get past the do-it-yourself phase of your website, there are so many developers and other experts that specialize in WordPress, that to find commercial resources are a lot easier.


Studies have shown that creativity comes from a breadth of knowledge across a wide variety of subjects. People consistently perform better, whether in business or academics, when they have a varying experience level on multiple topics. Learning WordPress is just one more of those experiences that can be called upon to creatively solve a problem, no matter what the area someone is working in.

Kiera is a software developer, instructor, and CTO at Wiley Solutions, the makers of DragonTeach